Body Cam Footage Shows Man Set Himself on Fire as Cops Try to Evict Him

An elderly man tragically set himself and his home on fire in Oklahoma while law enforcement attempted to evict him. Body cam footage captured the distressing moment when 82-year-old Anthony Goulding poured gasoline throughout his home and ignited himself with a lighter as officers rushed to intervene. The sheriff’s deputies had been working with Goulding and his wife for weeks to find them a safe place to stay after receiving the eviction notice. Despite their efforts to save him, Goulding perished in the fire. His wife, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, was safely escorted out of the home with the help of law enforcement. The family dog also lost its life during the incident. Although one deputy sustained minor burns, they have both been medically cleared. The motive behind Goulding’s actions remains unclear, leaving behind a devastating scene.

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