Angel Reese In Tears After Iowa Loss, Reveals She's Received Death Threats

LSU's Angel Reese opened up to reporters after her team's loss to Iowa, revealing she has been dealing with death threats and other challenges for the past year. The emotional 21-year-old was in tears as she shared her struggles during a press conference following the Elite Eight defeat. Reese, who had helped LSU win the national championship last year, expressed the difficulties she has faced, including being attacked, sexualized, and threatened. Despite the hardships, Reese displayed strength and resilience, stating that she has remained strong throughout it all. The junior player also hinted at her future plans, weighing the decision to either stay with LSU or enter the WNBA draft. Although LSU put up a fight in Monday night's game, Caitlin Clark's stellar performance led Iowa to a 94-87 victory. Iowa will now advance to the Final Four to take on UConn in what promises to be an intense matchup.

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