Donald Trump Posts $175 Million Bond Preventing Seizure of Properties

Former President Donald Trump has successfully avoided having his properties seized by New York's Attorney General, thanks to a hefty $175 million bond he posted. The bond comes after Trump appealed a civil fraud case brought by AG Letitia James, which initially required him to pay a $454 million bond. Trump took to his Truth Social platform to celebrate paying the reduced bond amount and criticized James and the case judge. The case involves allegations that Trump inflated his net worth to secure loans, resulting in a $464 million judgment against him. Trump's attorneys successfully argued for a lower bond, with Knight Specialty Insurance Company underwriting the total amount. However, the good news was followed by a significant blow to Trump's finances as shares of Trump Media, including Truth Social, plummeted by over 21%, causing him to lose about $1 billion in net worth in a single day.

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