"We sleep on him because he wasn't this highlight dunker" - Rex Chapman on why Larry Bird is often snubbed from all-time Top 5 lists

Even if that was the case, Larry Bird still found a way to dominate the game.

All hoops fans are entitled to have their own Top 5  list. For obvious reasons, Michael Jordan and LeBron James are the usual suspects. But whenever former NBA player Rex Chapman hears about this conversation, he can't help but notice how Larry Bird is often snubbed.

Chapman notices it, but he isn't baffled by it. The way he sees it,  is overlooked because of the massive impact highlights have on basketball.

 Chapman said on 


Determination beats talent

As it turned out, Chapman was right about Bird. The Boston Celtics icon knew he wasn't the most athletic player right off the bat. But it didn't mean it would prevent him from.

 Bird once said.

Larry was different

Unlike others, Chapman doesn't rank NBA legends by the level of their athleticism. However, he did not shy away from admitting that  was way more athletic than Bird.

 he remembered.

But when it comes down to it,  claims that Bird was different.

Having witnessed it firsthand, Rex said that "The Hick from French Lick" didn't push himself to outperform his competition through physical abilities. In fact, Bird never bothered proving himself out there. Instead, he was so confident about his game that it reached the point where he needed to find motivation from something else because it stopped being amusing to beat his rivals.

Chapman pointed out.

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