“There’s Ways to Guard It”: LeBron James Withholds Information on How to Defend OKC to Keep Playoffs Advantage

During his appearance on the ‘Mind the Game podcast’ with JJ Redick, LeBron James analyzed what makes the Oklahoma City Thunder offense so formidable. He discussed a set play they often run following free throws. Redick pointed out how having Chet Holmgren adds value to their offense. James concurred, revealing a play involving their top scorer Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Holmgren as defensive distractors. He explained how this strategy creates opportunities. James avoided divulging his defensive strategy against the Thunder, hinting at a potential playoff matchup. He emphasized Gilgeous-Alexander and Anthony Edwards as possible future faces of the league, adding excitement to their growth. His focus remains on the impending postseason while acknowledging the rising stars.

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