Angel Reese Flexes Her Blazing ‘Brand New’ Look in Front of 2.6 Million People

The dynamic No.10 of the LSU Tigers has been a role model for more than just her balling skills. Not only is Angel Reese a fierce competitor on the court, but also a style icon outside the court. Fans have seen her fashionista jump out every once in a while and this time she is rocking a daring hair-do.

Turns out Angel Reese is upping her hair game with a cool and punky approach that every Gen Z seems to be taking up from the 90s era. Is Bayou Barbie now turning into a Bayou Baddie?

Angel Reese gets a new look

The Bayou Barbie recently decided to go through a hair transformation for Christmas.

She visited the salon of popular lace install & weave specialist Tiffany Nicole in Baltimore. After which, the celebrity hairstylist gave her a complete makeover. Moreover, its official page shared a post of her brand new sassy look. Following this, Reese took to her Instagram and re-shared the post along with a series of pictures . The story features Reese flaunting her Skunk Stripes for her followers.

However, this is not the first time she made a style statement by being unapologetically herself. Fans have seen her in many bold looks whether it is for her prom or a girls’ night.

Angel Reese’s trending fashion

Angel Reese’s fashion sense needs no introduction. Apparently, she has yet again expressed her desire to blend sports with fashion. Her gallant attitude combined with her exquisite fashion sense and extraordinary balling skills make her a true superstar. Earlier, she has been a poster girl for Harper Bazaar, showing off apparel from the industry giants like Prada, Balenciaga, and Willy Chavarria. She also presents her innate fashionista every day and proves how sports and fashion can be truly combined.

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