Drea de Matteo's Son Hates Her OnlyFans Career, Here's Her Response to Him

Drea de Matteo Stands Firm Against Son's Criticism of OnlyFans Career

Actress Drea de Matteo has shown she's not one to back down when it comes to defending her career on OnlyFans, even when her son, Waylon, expresses disapproval. During an episode of "The Sage Steele Show," de Matteo referred to her 12-year-old as a "greedy little bastard" after he questioned her revealing work on the platform.

The "Sopranos" star didn't mince words as she reminded her son of the luxuries he enjoys, which she's able to provide through her endeavors. De Matteo recounted a conversation where she pointed out how his favorite possessions wouldn't be possible without her efforts.

Despite the initial pushback, de Matteo emphasized that she and her children have open communication and keep it real in their household. She even shared how she advised Waylon to handle any potential bullying related to her OnlyFans content.

While her son may have reservations, de Matteo indicated that her daughter, Alabama, is supportive of her career choices. She recently talked to both children about a collaboration with Carmen Electra to ensure they were prepared for any explicit content.

For de Matteo, OnlyFans has been a valuable source of income during challenging times. Within minutes of launching her account, she was able to save her home from foreclosure by charging $15 a month for access to her content. The actress's resilience in the face of criticism showcases her commitment to providing for her family through her work on the platform.

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