Rick Fox picked LeBron James over Michael Jordan in GOAT debate - "I don't know how you deny him as the greatest ever"

For someone who personally knew MJ and played alongside Larry Bird, Kobe and Shaq, LeBron is the GOAT

In recent years, much has been written and discussed about why LeBron James is the GOAT over or why it's the other way around. But for 13-year NBA veteran Rick Fox, he had witnessed a wide array of all-time greats achieve greatness right before his eyes, and he could outright declare LeBron is the greatest of them all.

"," Fox said on in 2018.

Rick couldn't be wrong

For sure, some may think Fox was just another NBA journeyman clout chaser trying to put his name on the headlines by siding with James in the NBA GOAT debate. If that's the case, you have to be reminded that Fox played alongside and Kevin McHale and was. And as most of us can remember, he won NBA titles with and Shaquille O'Neal with the Los Angeles Lakers.

And apparently, he also got to meet Jordan back in his University of North Carolina days.

"," the three-time NBA champion pointed out.

Be grateful for greatness

In the end, Fox wanted every NBA fan to realize that regardless of their GOAT of choice, we must respect and appreciate the greatness of Jordan and.

"," Fox concluded.

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