Wynonna Judd & Brandi Carlile Sing "The Rose" | A Tribute to Naomi Judd's Legacy

Wynonna Judd and Brandi Carlile recently performed the song "The Rose" during a special event celebrating Naomi Judd's legacy. The event, titled "A River of Time Celebration," honored Naomi Judd and her contributions to the music industry. The duo's performance of "The Rose" was a heartfelt tribute to the iconic artist and her enduring impact on the world of music. Both Judd and Carlile delivered an emotional and powerful rendition of the classic song, showcasing their exceptional vocal talents and deep appreciation for Naomi Judd. The event was a beautiful celebration of Naomi Judd's career and her influence on the music industry, and the performance of "The Rose" was a highlight of the evening. Overall, the event served as a fitting tribute to Naomi Judd and her incredible journey in music.

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