DO THIS MEAN DIVORCE? Justin Bieber Seems Eager to Be a Dad, But Hailey Is in No Rush to Become a Mom!

Justin Bieber delighted fans on June 2 with an endearing Instagram post featuring his best friend's baby boy. 

In the picture, Justin sits in the back of a station wagon, cradling the adorable infant on his lap. He lovingly sings "Old MacDonald Had a Farm," trying to entertain the little one. Although his wife Hailey Baldwin wasn't in the picture, Justin's display of affection surely melted hearts.

Justin has often referred to the baby as his "nephew," indicating the close bond he shares with his best friend's family. While Justin seems eager to practice his dad skills, Hailey is in no rush to become a mom.

In a previous interview, Justin expressed his willingness to have as many kids as Hailey wants, showing his commitment to their future family.

As their third wedding anniversary approaches in September 2021, Justin and Hailey are in no hurry to start a family. They want to savor their time together and focus on their careers before considering parenthood. Hailey, in particular, feels that while she has always wanted children, she is currently more focused on her ambitious goals and projects. Parenthood is definitely in their future, but for now, they are content to enjoy their marriage and each other's company.

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