Christina Applegate Can't Shower or Bathe Amid MS Relapse, 'Legs Have Never Been This Bad'

Actress Christina Applegate has opened up about her ongoing struggles with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in a candid conversation on her podcast, MeSsy. Applegate, who spoke alongside her co-host Jamie-Lynn Sigler, shared the challenges she faces due to a recent relapse.

The 'Dead to Me' star revealed that her symptoms have worsened to the point where even taking a shower has become nearly impossible. Applegate explained that she has not been able to stand in her shower due to severe leg weakness, leading her to resort to using wipes for her personal hygiene.

The actress also expressed concerns over her eye issues and tingling sensations in her lower body, admitting that the situation has left her mostly confined to a dark room watching TV.

Despite the difficulties, Applegate maintains a sense of humor, recognizing the importance of finding lightness in difficult situations.

Applegate's frankness about her health struggles stems from her past experience battling breast cancer, where she felt she was not being entirely honest about her emotions. Through her podcast, the actress aims to raise awareness about MS and provide comfort to others facing similar challenges.

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