Isiah Thomas Seemingly Agrees with Magic Johnson Claiming Stephen Curry Isn’t the Greatest PG Ever

In August 2023, Stephen Curry sparked a debate on who the best point guard in NBA history is. Many shared their thoughts after Steph claimed the title for himself. Months later, Isiah Thomas joined the conversation by sharing a video of Magic Johnson discussing Steph’s claim. When asked if he believed he was the greatest PG ever, Curry mentioned that it was between him and Magic. Magic, however, pointed out that Curry needed more championships and accolades to surpass him. With Magic's impressive resume, it seems Curry has a long way to go. Ultimately, the debate continues with fans debating Curry's impact on the modern game. Thomas and Michael Jordan seem to agree with Magic, showing that Curry still has some work to do to surpass the NBA legend. Jordan firmly believes that Magic Johnson is the greatest point guard of all time.

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