“Breakdown F**ked Up Institutional Barriers”: JJ Redick Reacts to Andrew Schulz Deeming LeBron James Drawing Flak ‘Sexist’

Recently, JJ Redick appeared on comedian Andrew Schulz’s Flagrant podcast to discuss LeBron James’ controversial courtside interaction with Lakers majority owner Jeanie Buss. Schulz couldn’t understand why James faced criticism for being friendly with the team’s owner. Redick agreed, calling it a shame and even half-jokingly suggested that backlash was due to sexism. Redick praised Schulz and the crew for challenging outdated standards for men and women in such situations, jokingly stating, “You guys are here to break down messed up institutional barriers.” This discussion started when Schulz brought up Luka Doncic’s playful exchange with a female referee that went viral.

During a game in the 2020-21 season, Doncic joked with referee Ashley Moyer-Gleich, which Schulz found amusing. This conversation transitioned to James’ viral interaction with Buss as fans debated the nature of their closeness. Social media added fuel to the fire, with some interpreting the interaction as a marketing stunt or a potential relationship issue. In the end, it highlighted the blurred lines between friendship, business, and speculation in the sports world.

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