Harry Potter: A Complete Lestrange Family Tree

The ongoing controversies surrounding the Harry Potter franchise creator are a reminder of the hard work put in by industry professionals on properties cherished by fans worldwide. Among the many infamous pure-blood families in the Wizarding World, the Lestranges stand out as some of the most notorious. Known for their extreme anti-Muggle views and inbreeding practices to maintain their lineage, the Lestranges were feared Death Eaters in Voldemort's inner circle.

The Lestrange Family, one of the Sacred Twenty-Eight and originating from France, boasts a rich history with a family crest featuring a raven.

The saying "Corvus oculum corvi non eruit" is their motto, emphasizing their loyalty to family. The family branches, though dwindling, are still shrouded in mystery and intrigue.

The Lestranges' legacy spans generations, with various branches playing significant roles in key events. The descendants, such as Corvus Lestrange I and Cyrille Lestrange I, come to life with their intricate family tree that reveals a complex web of relationships and connections.

The story takes a dark turn with Corvus Lestrange IV, a cold and cruel man who used dark magic to manipulate a woman into marriage, resulting in the birth of his daughter Leta.

Tragedy strikes as Leta's younger brother Corvus V meets an untimely end during a fateful voyage, forever altering the family's narrative.

Leta Lestrange, unlike her family's dark reputation, is portrayed as a compassionate soul navigating a world of darkness. From her friendship with Newt Scamander to her tragic end fighting against Grindelwald, Leta's story is one of resilience and sacrifice.

Rabastan Lestrange, a model Death Eater, and Rodolphus Lestrange, pivotal in Voldemort's plans, add layers to the family's dark history. Bellatrix Lestrange, infamous for her unhinged loyalty to Voldemort, epitomizes the darkness that looms over the Lestrange name.


The intricate web of relationships, tragedies, and loyalties within the Lestrange family paints a vivid picture of a world shrouded in darkness and conflict. As the story unfolds, the Lestranges' legacy serves as a compelling backdrop to the larger narrative of the Wizarding World, where heroes and villains clash in a battle of light and dark.

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