'Wild N' Out' Star Rip Michaels Says Wife Left Him Amid Heart Attack Recovery

Comedian Rip Michaels recently opened up about a difficult time in his life after recovering from a near-fatal heart attack. In a candid interview on Angela Yee's show "Way Up," Rip shared that his wife, Veronica, had left him while he was fighting for his life in the hospital. Despite the dark circumstances, Rip managed to maintain his sense of humor, joking about the situation.

Rip's positive attitude and resilience shone through as he talked about how his daughter and the support of his fans helped him through this challenging time. While his marriage may have ended on a sour note, Rip chose to focus on the silver linings and look towards the future.

Despite the heartbreak, Rip is keeping his head held high and using his comedy to navigate through this tough situation. With his infectious humor and resilience, Rip is sure to bounce back stronger than ever.

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