Reba McEntire Laughs at Joy Behar's Suggestion 'Jolene' is Anti-Feminist

Joy Behar recently shared her thoughts on the iconic song "Jolene," claiming that the original track is actually detrimental to women. This statement prompted Reba McEntire to respond with amusement, especially in light of Beyoncé's recent cover of the song.

During an interview in Los Angeles, Reba expressed her support for Beyoncé's venture into country music with her album "Cowboy Carte." The country legend welcomed Beyoncé into the genre, highlighting the positive impact her presence has had on the music industry.

In response to Joy Behar's criticism of Dolly Parton's "Jolene," Reba shared her perspective, indicating her appreciation for both the original and the cover by Beyoncé. Reba's reaction to the suggestion that "Jolene" is anti-feminist comes across as gracious and understanding, showcasing her admiration for both artists.

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