JUST IN: Loretta Lynn's Daughter Undergoes 'Critical Surgery'

Loretta Lynn's daughter, Clara Marie Lynn, also known as Cissie, has undergone surgery as part of her treatment for a recent cancer recurrence. The country legend's social media page posted a photo of Cissie and her mother, along with a request for prayers from their followers. Cissie also provided an update on her health, revealing that it had been 10 years since she last battled cancer. However, she shared that this recurrence is worse and the cancer is in her mouth. Cissie admitted to feeling emotional and scared before her surgery, and asked her followers for prayers. She expressed her love and gratitude to her fans and asked for forgiveness if she ever hurt anyone. Cissie, who is 71 years old, had a country music career earlier in life and released an album with her then-husband John Beams in 2011. She is still actively involved in maintaining her mother's legacy and managing the Lynn ranch estate. Cissie is the second of the younger Lynn generation to face health concerns in recent weeks, following her son Ernest's kidney surgery.

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