Jelly Roll Says He Bailed On Chance to Meet Diddy, Got a Bad Feeling

Jelly Roll, a country singer, opened up about avoiding a meeting with Diddy in a recent podcast. He mentioned that he bailed on the opportunity due to bad vibes he got from the rapper. During the "Cancelled with Tana Mongeau" podcast, Jelly Roll revealed that he trusted his gut feeling and decided to head back to his car instead of meeting Diddy, despite the chance to hang out with a big-time rapper. The singer shared that he had initially agreed to the meeting but changed his mind while walking down the hallway. Although he tried to lighten the situation with a joke, it fell flat, causing further discomfort.

Jelly Roll admitted that it was rare for him to feel uncomfortable in such situations, but he just didn't feel right about meeting Diddy. The revelation about Diddy's legal issues involving rape and human trafficking came shortly after. Diddy is currently facing investigations and raids related to allegations of sexual assault and sex trafficking.

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