Calvin Harris' Wife Says She Listens to Taylor Swift When He's Out of House

Calvin Harris may have moved on from his year-long relationship with Taylor Swift, but his wife, Vick Hope, is apparently not letting him forget about it. During her BBC Radio 1 show, Vick confessed to being a fan of Taylor Swift's music, revealing that she listens to the pop star's songs at home when Calvin is out. She even mentioned that she likes to blast Taylor's tunes as soon as Calvin leaves, almost like a ritual.

Despite the messy breakup between Calvin and Taylor back in 2015, it seems Vick is unapologetically enjoying the music of her husband's ex-girlfriend. This revelation came up during a Q&A segment on the show, showing that fans were curious about Vick's music tastes. While Calvin remains tight-lipped about his past relationship with Taylor, it seems his wife doesn't mind sharing her love for T-Swift's music whenever she gets the chance.

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