Taylor Swift Attends Birthday Party at L.A. Pub Without Travis Kelce

International pop superstar Taylor Swift surprised fans by making an appearance at a local L.A. gastropub to celebrate someone's birthday. Without her boyfriend Travis Kelce by her side, Taylor was seen mingling with about 7 other people at Barney's Beanery in West Hollywood on a Thursday night. Despite trying to keep a low profile, Taylor's presence did not go unnoticed as fans recognized her but respected her privacy. The singer appeared to be enjoying herself, chatting with friends and indulging in some food. While Taylor's bodyguards were on standby outside the establishment, she spent about two hours at the gathering before wishing the birthday celebrant well and leaving the venue. The unexpected visit ended with one of Taylor's bodyguards settling the bill for the group. Speculation arose about Taylor potentially meeting up with Kelce later on, as he was not present at the outing.

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