LISTEN: Sam Hunt's 'Country House' Shares His Romantic Country Dreams

Sam Hunt's new track, "Country House," gives a peek into country living. Co-written with Josh Osborne, Ross Copperman, and Michael Lotten, the song is filled with vivid imagery of rural life. Hunt sings about a rural retreat with a Bible by the bed, chickens on the rooftop, and a double barrel by the door. He dreams of a life with his love, running bird dogs, cutting grass shirtless, and swimming in old jeans. Hunt's affection for a simple life in a "Country House" shines through in the lyrics and is complemented by a stripped-back production with 808s and synth beats. The song is part of his EP, Locked Up, and is a departure from his previous hits like "Body Like a Back Road." Hunt's performance at the 2024 CMT Music Awards will showcase the title track of his EP, continuing his successful country music career.

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