Shakira Says She & Her Sons Found 'Barbie' to Be Emasculating

In a recent interview with Allure, Shakira shared her thoughts on the "Barbie" movie, criticizing its portrayal of ultra-feminism and female empowerment. The singer expressed concern that the movie's message came at the expense of men, which she found to be emasculating. Shakira revealed that her two sons were not fans of the film, feeling that it did not empower women without diminishing men's roles in society.

As a mother raising two boys, Shakira emphasized the importance of empowering women while also recognizing men's abilities to protect and provide. She highlighted the complementary nature of men and women in society, suggesting that both genders have distinct purposes that should not be lost.

Shakira's comments have sparked conversation, with some viewing her perspective as somewhat conservative. Her opinion on the "Barbie" movie adds an interesting angle to the ongoing debate about gender roles and empowerment in popular culture.

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