Ryan Garcia Asks 50 Cent To Walk Him Out For Haney Fight Amid Diddy Beef

Boxer Ryan Garcia has publicly invited rapper 50 Cent to walk him out for his upcoming fight against Devin Haney, amidst ongoing beef between 50 Cent and Diddy. Known for posting memes and jokes at Diddy's expense, 50 Cent has been having a field day amid allegations and investigations surrounding Diddy. Garcia himself has joined in on the trolling, speculating about Diddy's involvement in alleged wrongdoings and making unfounded allegations about Diddy and Haney. Despite denials from Haney, Garcia is now calling on 50 Cent to accompany him to the ring on fight night. This request, made on social media with a touch of homophobic slang, is just the latest in Garcia's social media antics leading up to the bout. Despite the lack of legal action against Diddy, it seems that neither 50 Cent nor Garcia are concerned about the consequences.

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