Gwen Stefani sparks reaction with never-ending legs in daring mini-skirt!

never fails to blow us away with her whenever she's on , and her latest ensemble was one of her best to date.

In her latest post on Instagram, she shared a fun clip where her and fellow judge were in "battle" and Gwen was certainly ready to fight with her ravishing outfit. The 'Hollaback Girl' hitmaker looked absolutely incredible as she styled out a white shirt with black leather braces, alongside a tiny mini-skirt that showed off her toned and never-ending legs.

The outfit was finished off with a pair of small boots that further highlighted her gorgeous legs. Her stylish blond hair was styled into her signature ponytail and she wore a bright-red lipstick.

Niall had gone for a more casual outfit for his latest outing on the popular singing competition, wearing a pair of denim jeans, alongside a white shirt and a beige gilet.

Gwen's outfit looked so good!

In her caption, the 54-year-old teased: "Battling it out 2night on #thevoice," finishing her post off with a sparkle and boxing glove emoji.

Her millions of followers were quick to react as one enthused: "Gwen is the reason we watch. She's so cool," and a second added: "Y'all look like you're having fun," and a third commented: "Gwen makes the show! She is so likeable and just so genuine!"

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Gwen has been a judge on the show since its seventh season, on an on-off basis, and the program will always hold a special place in her heart, as it's where she met her husband, .

Speaking on , Blake shared: "The first time that I ever met Gwen was in 2014. She wasn't like any other famous person that I had ever met before. She drove herself to work in a black minivan with car seats in it. She didn't roll in with security. She came in with a baby and two little boys, which at the time worked like security because nobody was going near."

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He added: "It was clear to me that she was a mother first and foremost over anything else in the world — that was her number one job. She has risen to the top over and over again with her unique style that has made the world fall in love with her. Not as much as me, though."



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