Jennifer Garner cried in a bathroom after her Felicity audition from feeling all the feels: 'I needed to cry'

Felicity was all about diving deep into emotions, and Jennifer Garner's audition for the show revealed just how in touch with her feelings she truly was. In an interview on The Ringer's Dear Felicity podcast, Garner reminisced about her audition process, which apparently involved a bathroom cry session.

Garner recalled the intense emotional scene she had to perform for her audition, which she assumes was a breakup scene. The emotions were so raw and real that she couldn't contain them and had to retreat to the bathroom to let it all out. Hidden in a stall, she finished the cry that had started during the audition, feeling the power of the moment.

Despite the waterworks, Garner's audition impressed series co-creator J.J. Abrams. He later cast her as agent Sydney Bristow on Alias. Garner praised Abrams and fellow Felicity creator Matt Reeves for being true directors who helped her bring out the best in her performance. The audition process made her truly invested in the show, and the rest, as they say, is history.

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