"Intrigue and Betrayal Unfold: Drew's Vengeance, Sonny's Enemy, and Shocking Revelations on General Hospital!" 🕵️‍♂️💥🔍


In the episode of General Hospital that aired on Friday, February 9, viewers were in for a treat with mob hits, personal vendettas, and shocking discoveries. It's an episode you won't want to miss.

The episode delves into Drew's uncontrollable anger towards Nina, who he recently discovered was the whistleblower. He is fully consumed by revenge, vowing to make Nina as alone, broke, and empty as she deserves to be. When he confides in Carly, they discuss his plan for revenge against their nemesis. Carly, being a close ally, supports Drew but also tries to remind him of the importance of other things in life, like spending time with his daughter.


Meanwhile, Sonny finds himself in a losing streak, shutting down all communication with his wife and being targeted by someone who wants him dead. He suspects there's a mole within his organization, leaving him on high alert. Things quickly take a turn when Sonny stumbles upon some information about recent mob hits. He knows it can't be anything good, and he becomes even more desperate to protect himself and his loved ones.

Elsewhere, Brick is determined to find the mole within Sonny's organization and is willing to do whatever it takes. His discovery may have unintended consequences for Dex and Michael, who have joined forces to help Sonny. In a surprising twist, Cody, who has never gotten along with Spinelli, unexpectedly offers his help to solve an issue involving him. Could this be connected to Spinelli's desire to reunite with Maxie?

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