"Explosive Drama Unfolds: Sonny's Secrets, Ava's Confidante, and Anna's Showdown on General Hospital!" 🌟🔥👀


Get ready for an exciting week on General Hospital! From anniversaries to trouble, there's plenty of drama to keep you hooked. Let's dive into the spoilers!

First up, we have Dex, who used to work for Sonny, gathering evidence against the mob boss. Now Dex and Michael are teaming up to protect Sonny once again. Michael even sends money to Dex's account. Will they be able to find the evidence they need without getting caught? Sonny is getting suspicious, and a furious Sonny can be dangerous.

Meanwhile, Ava is feeling lonely with all the chaos in her world. She seeks out a friend to connect with. Will Nina be there for her or will Ava turn to someone else? Ava becomes the truth teller, life coach, and therapist all wrapped up in one stylish package. She offers advice to Sonny and tries to counsel Joss. Will they listen to her wisdom?


Sam, the private investigator, is called upon to use her skills when her son Danny gets into trouble. She and Dante go into protective mode to keep their kids safe.

Valentine's Day is a special day for Curtis and Portia as they celebrate their first anniversary. After a tumultuous year filled with secrets and drama, they need to recognize the strength of their relationship.

Lastly, Anna, the new commissioner of the Port Charles Police Department, takes a break from fighting crime to confront Valentin. What will happen when their paths cross again?

So, grab a seat and get ready for a thrilling week on General Hospital! Tune in to ABC to catch all the action. 


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