Underdog Rises: 200 Levels Ascended in Alternate Reality, Achieves Deity Status in Reality.

A boy who was once bullied in the real world finds solace in a virtual world where he levels up 200 times and becomes a god. The boy's transformation in the virtual world brings about changes in his real life as well. This story highlights how escaping into a fantasy world can sometimes lead to personal growth and empowerment. The boy's newfound confidence and strength in the virtual world eventually translate into success in the real world, turning him into a god-like figure. This tale serves as inspiration for others who may be facing challenges or struggles in their own lives, showing that there is always a way to overcome difficulties and emerge stronger on the other side. Through determination and perseverance, the bullied boy in this story is able to not only overcome his struggles but also transform himself into a powerful and respected individual in both the virtual and real worlds.

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