Angie Harmon Dog Killing a Mystery, Cops Won't Talk

Beloved actress Angie Harmon is devastated after her beagle Oliver was tragically shot and killed by a deliveryman over the weekend. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Dept. has ruled the shooting as justified, claiming that the deliveryman acted in self-defense. However, they have not provided any specific details to support this conclusion.

According to reports, the deliveryman arrived at Angie's residence to deliver goods when he alleged that Oliver attacked him, prompting him to fire a single gunshot that fatally wounded the dog. Despite Angie's lawyer, John Buric, disputing the deliveryman's account and stating that Oliver was friendly and docile, no charges have been filed.

The incident has left Angie and her family in shock, with many questions unanswered. The lack of transparency from the police regarding the deliveryman's statement and evidence has only added to their distress. The investigation remains closed, leaving Angie and her family grieving over the loss of their beloved pet.

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