CattyCorner: Why Do Cats Go Crazy For Nail Files & Emery Boards?

Hello, humans! Forrest Wisewhiskers here to answer your burning cat questions. Have you ever wondered why cats love nail files? Well, let me enlighten you. Not all cats are crazy about nail files, but many of us find them fascinating. The rough textures of emery boards and metal nail files feel oddly satisfying on our paws and teeth. They help us sharpen our claws and achieve the perfect point. It's important to stick to emery boards, though, as metal nail files can be dangerous. There's also a theory that emery boards are made with fish glue, which is appealing to us because of the fish smell. File powder also intrigues us because it's like snorting up the scent of our favorite people - you, dear minions! Lastly, a cat's obsession with nail files could be a sign of a mineral deficiency, so it's important to consult the vet if your cat displays symptoms. But overall, nothing beats our passion for food! So don't forget to feed us. Meow!

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