Woman Has Ridiculous Meltdown on Spirit Airlines Flight, Removed by Cops

An incident on a Spirit Airlines flight has gone viral after a woman had a meltdown, with police attempting to remove her from the plane. The confrontation, captured on video from a flight departing from Las Vegas on March 23, shows the woman resisting arrest and invoking the name of George Floyd.

In the footage, police can be seen handcuffing the woman as she protests and claims previous experience with being arrested. She begins to wail loudly and compares herself to Floyd, causing some passengers to chuckle at her behavior.

Despite her ranting and raving, police remain patient with her until she becomes physically aggressive by slapping an officer's hand away. This leads to the entire plane being deplaned for authorities to handle the situation.

Attempts to reach the Vegas PD and Spirit Airlines for comment have been unsuccessful at this time.

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