Intentional Foul Reviewed: Angel Reese's Elbows Stir Controversy at LSU vs Iowa National Championship

In the National Championship game between LSU and Iowa, a controversial incident involving Angel Reese's elbows and an intentional foul has come under review by the referees. The game, being closely contested, took a dramatic turn when Reese, a player for LSU, made a forceful move with her elbows during a play. This action resulted in a severe injury to Czinano, a player from Iowa.

The incident occurred during the second quarter of the game when the score was tied, and both teams were battling for the championship title. Reese, known for her aggressiveness on the court, attempted to gain an advantage by using her elbows to clear space against her opponent.

Unfortunately, her actions went beyond what could be considered fair play, leading to a collision between her elbows and Czinano's face.

The impact of Reese's elbows on Czinano's face was significant, leaving her with a visible injury and in intense pain. As a result, the referees immediately called a timeout to assess the situation and determine the appropriate action. Upon reviewing the footage, it became clear that Reese's elbow move was intentional and deliberate, aiming to cause harm or disrupt the opponent's play.

The incident sparked a fierce debate among fans, as some argued that Reese's move was a clear case of intentional foul and should result in severe consequences, such as ejection from the game.

On the other hand, some supporters of Reese defended her actions, stating that it was a natural instinct to protect herself and gain an advantage in the game.

Deciding on the appropriate punishment for Reese's intentional foul became a challenging task for the referees. They had to take into account the severity of Czinano's injury and the impact it had on the game's dynamics. After a thorough discussion, the referees concluded that Reese's actions warranted a flagrant foul. This decision would lead to a penalty against LSU and award Iowa free throws.

The referees' ruling did not please everyone, with supporters of both teams expressing dissatisfaction.


However, it is essential to emphasize that the referees' primary responsibility is to ensure fair play and player safety. Their decision, though not universally accepted, was an attempt to maintain the integrity of the game while sending a message that such dangerous moves will not be tolerated.

In conclusion, Angel Reese's deliberate use of her elbows during the National Championship game between LSU and Iowa has resulted in a controversial intentional foul. The referees' review deemed Reese's actions as flagrant, leading to penalties against LSU and free throws for Iowa. While there is disagreement among fans regarding the severity of the punishment, it underscores the importance of player safety and fair play in competitive basketball.

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