Kim Kardashian's Fury Unleashed as Kanye West Quashes Her Ambitious SKIMS Revamp Scheme

Kim Kardashian is reportedly unhappy as her husband, Kanye West, has thwarted her plans to revive her fashion brand, SKIMS. The reality TV star has been passionate about reviving the brand, but Kanye's refusal has left her furious.

SKIMS, originally known as Kimono, was launched in 2019 as a line of shapewear, gaining significant popularity. However, due to cultural appropriation concerns, Kim faced criticism and decided to rename and rebrand the line.

Recently, Kim expressed her desire to relaunch and expand SKIMS as a full-fledged fashion line.

She believed that with the right marketing and design strategies, she could successfully elevate the brand. However, Kanye's disapproval has reportedly put a halt to these plans.

Sources close to the couple claim that Kanye has shut down the idea, arguing that SKIMS isn't a priority amidst his busy schedule and ongoing projects. This decision has apparently infuriated Kim, who had hopes of building SKIMS into a global fashion powerhouse. She believes that her husband's lack of support and understanding of her aspirations is a blow to her creative ambitions and independence.

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