Bobbi Althoff Spotted For First Time Since Husband Filed for Divorce

Bobbi Althoff, the renowned TikToker, was spotted strolling around Los Angeles while engaged in a phone conversation, just a day after news broke about her separation from husband Cory. Despite the difficulties she has been facing, Bobbi appeared to be putting on a brave face for the world, even managing to crack a small smile during her phone call. The couple's split might not have come as a surprise to Bobbi, as Cory listed their date of separation as July 4, 2023. Bobbi took to Instagram to share her thoughts on the end of their marriage, acknowledging the challenging time she is going through.

Interestingly, Cory is seeking joint custody of their two daughters, Isla (1) and Luca (3), and has requested to block any spousal support from being awarded. Known for her hilarious TikTok videos and celebrity interviews, Bobbi has gained significant fame over the past year, while Cory has also achieved professional success as an executive in the tech industry. For further details on their split, check out The TMZ Podcast on your preferred podcast platform.

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