Gwen Stefani’s resurfaced throwback image sparks debate among fans: ‘she’s unrecognizable’!

Dedicated fans of have recently expressed surprise over the noticeable transformation in the singer's appearance. 

An ensemble of throwback photos posted on a popular Reddit board brought the conversation to the fore, tracing the evolution of the 54-year-old No Doubt icon.

The series of images captured Gwen in different settings: on red carpets, in performances, and candid moments in Los Angeles. 

Fans reminisced about her trailblazing style choices from the 90s, with one user fondly recalling: "Such an icon. I was a teenager in Southern California in the 90s and she was the epitome of cool." Another chimed in, praising her for being "so different and unique for her time."

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However, a shift in sentiment was palpable when it came to more recent pictures. A slew of comments noted the changes in her features, with several speculating about potential cosmetic interventions. 

One user pointed out: "She’s had a lot more work done in the past few years," while another lamented, "I miss her old face. She’s had so much done she’s unrecognizable."

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In addition to discussing her looks, fans also reminisced about Gwen's recent antics that paid homage to her husband, country singer Blake Shelton, who recently bid adieu to The Voice. 

Gwen, during an episode of the same show, playfully mimicked Blake's signature move of pointing at his head, a gesture he'd often use to woo contestants. Capturing this cheeky nod on her Instagram, Gwen quipped: "Blake Shelton taught me well!!"

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Blake's exit from The Voice in 2022 came after a 12-year-long association. Expressing gratitude, he wrote: "This show has changed my life in every way for the better, and it will always feel like home to me."

Life after The Voice has seen Blake retreat to quieter pastures, literally. He and Gwen are now tending to their sprawling 1,300-acre Oklahoma ranch. 

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A recent video showcased Blake proudly displaying a tractor, a new addition to the ranch, hinting at a more laid-back chapter in the couple's life.

Fans have been vocal about their desire to see more of this relaxed side of the couple. Calls for the duo to have their reality show heightened after Gwen shared a charming video of the two crafting a blackberry pie.

While Gwen continues to make waves on The Voice, her fashion remains a topic of conversation. 

A recent ensemble she sported — a unique dress with bird-like feather details, paired with fishnet stockings and sky-high boots — elicited mixed reactions. Some fans were in awe, applauding her edgy style, while others drew comparisons with other celebrities.Throe

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