Gavin Rossdale shares 'upsetting' news about youngest son he shares with Gwen Stefani

is a loving dad who juggles performing around the world as the frontman of Bush with spending time with his three sons, Kingston, 17, Zuma, 15, and Apollo, nine. 

The 57-year-old – who shares his sons with ex-wife – is meticulous when it comes to planning his tour schedule so he can be home for as many important moments in his children's lives as he can. 

However, his perfect planning for his upcoming tour went out the window when Apollo dropped some major news that "floored" his dad. 

Gavin revealed that his youngest son has taken after his talented parents and landed the lead role in his school's musical. While the musician is delighted with his son's achievement, he admitted the timing couldn't be worse because Apollo's stage debut clashes with his tour. 

Gavin is distraught to be missing Apollo's big moment, especially because he planned his upcoming tour around his other school activities. 

"Apollo sang me a song last night for his play," he told . " And it's really upsetting because I based my tour around his [flag] football season."

He explained: "He's quarterback. He's really good. When we were booking the tour, I said, 'Well I have to stay in L.A. to this date because I can't miss it. I knew it would mess something up, but I was determined to not miss him.

"I missed the game last season, the last game of the season, the playoffs. It was crushing. I had to watch it over FaceTime. I booked my tour around it, and I knew something would give." 

Gavin continued: " He freaking got the lead in his own play and I don't come back until the ninth and he's on the first." Luckily for Gavin, Apollo gave him a preview of his performance. 

"Anyway, he sang me a song last night and it was incredible from top to bottom and just beautiful pitch, melody, voice, tone, knew all the words," he gushed. "I was floored. It's great." 

Gavin and Gwen were married for 14 years until their 2016 divorce. The children split their time between living with their mom and stepdad in Los Angeles and Oklahoma, and at their dad's home in Malibu. 

In June, Gavin opened up about his approach to parenting – he also shares daughter , 34, with ex-girlfriend Pearl Lowe – and how it differs from that of Gwen's.  "I think you can go one of two ways," he said on the podcast. 

"You can either do everything together and really co-parent, and see how it goes. Or you can just parent. I think we just 'parent'. We're really different people, I don't think there's much similarity in the way we bring them up."

He continued: "I think that gives them an incredible perspective to then choose which pieces of those two lives they'd really like to inherit and move on with, and which part comes out of the whole process. Because that's what's important, is to give them a wide view of things. 

"We definitely have some particularly opposing views and it'd be really helpful for them to make their own minds, as they should, as individuals." 

Gavin added: "I just know that wherever they are, in whichever house they are, they're loved and supported. And that's really what it comes down to, trying to help them realize what they want."

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