🔥 Is Kelly Thiebaud Making a Comeback to 'General Hospital'? Secrets Revealed About Britt's Possible Return after Mysterious Social Media Tease! Get Ready for the Shocking Reunion Fans Have Been Longing For! Click the comment section link to uncover the full story.

Kelly Thiebaud recently hinted on social media that she's going through some significant changes in her life. Speculations arose that she might be returning to 'General Hospital' as her character, Britt. Despite her character's supposed death, fans are hopeful for her resurrection.

Could Britt have miraculously survived her harrowing ordeal? Some fans believe that possibly her mother, Dr. Obrecht, might have hidden her away to find a cure for her illness. Soap operas are notorious for bringing back characters from the dead, so it wouldn't be entirely far-fetched for Britt to make a dramatic return.

Thiebaud mentioned that she needed Britt to die so that she could move on from the character. However, the special connection between Britt and Jason has fans hoping for a reunion. With all of Jason's previous love interests unavailable, Britt's return could pave the way for a new romantic storyline for her character.

It remains to be seen if Thiebaud will indeed make a comeback to 'General Hospital,' but fans are certainly excited about the possibility. Stay tuned for more updates on this intriguing soap opera twist.

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