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Mother-Daughters Time! Gal Gadot Makes Hamantash Cookies With Her Daughters And Claimed 'One of My Favorite Things'!

"Purim is one of my favorites holidays and making Hamantash with my girls is definitely one of my favorite things about it ❤️," says Gal Gadot

 is celebrating Purim with her little ones in the sweetest way possible.

The Israeli actress, 36, shared images of herself in the kitchen with her two eldest daughters Alma, 10, and Maya, 4, as they cooked Hamantash, a traditional Purim pastry. (Gadot is also mom to daughter Daniella, 8 months.)

"Purim is one of my favorites holidays and making Hamantash with my girls is definitely one of my favorite things about it ❤️," the star wrote in the caption ahead of the holiday on Wednesday and Thursday.

Hamantash is a triangle-shaped cookie with fruit or savory filling. The treat is said to look like the tri-cornered hat or ears of Haman, the villain of the Purim story in the Book of Esther. Sweet hamantaschen are most popular, with poppy seed, chocolate, date, apricot, or apple filling.

Gadot and her little helpers appeared to make a few different flavors.


In an interview with  in 2020, Gadot opened up about her Jewish religion and an important ritual she practices every day.

"In the Jewish culture there's a prayer that you're supposed to say every time you wake up in the morning to thank God for, you know, keeping you alive and dadadada," she told the magazine.

"You say '' which means 'I give thanks,' " she said. "So every morning I wake up and step out of bed and I say, 'Thank you for everything, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.' Nothing is to be taken for granted."

Gadot joined the food world officially in November when, along with her husband , she  of , a mac and cheese brand that is as easy as traditional boxed pasta but is nutrient-rich and protein-packed.

"Becoming a woman who cares about what I consume and as a mother of three, I care about what I feed my family," she told PEOPLE at the time. "Mac and cheese is delicious but it is really bad for you so I was always looking for a better and healthier alternative."

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