Benny Blanco breaks silence, reveals truth about his relationship with Selena Gomez.

Music producer Benny Blanco has finally broken his silence on rumors surrounding his relationship with pop superstar Selena Gomez. In a recent interview, Blanco addressed the speculation and set the record straight.

For a while now, there have been rumors circulating about Blanco and Gomez having a romantic relationship. Fans and media outlets have been speculating about their status, fueled by their close friendship and professional collaborations. However, Blanco finally spoke up to clarify the nature of their bond.

According to Blanco, he and Gomez are nothing more than close friends and collaborators.

He explained that their relationship is purely platonic and professional, with no romantic involvement. Blanco expressed his frustration over the constant speculation and gossip, emphasizing that they are just two people who enjoy working together and value each other's talents.

Blanco also touched upon the challenges of maintaining friendships in the entertainment industry. He stated that it can sometimes be difficult to maintain a purely platonic dynamic when two individuals share a strong bond. However, he reiterated that in his case, there is no romantic dimension to his connection with Gomez.

In recent years, Gomez and Blanco have collaborated on several chart-topping hits, including "I Can't Get Enough" and "Lose You to Love Me." Their successful working relationship and the chemistry evident in their collaborations have further fueled rumors of a romantic involvement. However, Blanco's confirmation puts an end to these speculations.

The music producer went on to address the impact of rumors and how they can affect people's lives. He acknowledged that false rumors can be hurtful and stressful, especially when they involve personal relationships. Blanco emphasized the importance of respecting people's boundaries and not assuming the nature of their connections based on appearances or professional collaborations.


Furthermore, Blanco reminded fans to focus on the music and artistic accomplishments rather than speculating about personal relationships. He believes that it is crucial to appreciate the creative synergy between artists and celebrate their work, rather than indulging in gossip and rumors.

In conclusion, Benny Blanco has finally addressed the rumors surrounding his relationship with Selena Gomez, stating that they are just friends and collaborators. He expressed frustration over the constant speculation and emphasized the importance of respecting people's boundaries. Blanco urged fans to focus on their music and artistic achievements instead of engaging in gossip.

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