Jeппifer Garпer Embarrasses Her Soп at His 7th Birthday Party By Dressiпg Up as Movie Character

Actress Jennifer Garner recently shared a sweet and hilarious moment from her son Samuel's How to Train Your Dragon-themed 7th birthday party. In honor of the occasion, Garner dressed up as the character Astrid from the animated film, complete with face paint, fur shawl, and leather skirt. However, when she presented Samuel with a cake featuring the dragon Toothless' eyes, she quickly learned that her son was not too thrilled about her costume choice.

Garner humorously revealed on Instagram that her son had reached the age where having his mom dressed up for his party was no longer cool. She even joked about her son's first eye roll and playfully asked if anyone needed an Astrid costume. Despite Samuel's newfound embarrassment, Garner shared that she always makes time for special moments with her son, including singing him to sleep every night. Even though Astrid may no longer be cool in Samuel's eyes, the bond between mother and son remains strong.

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