Marjorie Taylor Greene Blames Earthquake, Eclipse on God's Wrath

Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has recently taken to Twitter to share her belief that recent natural phenomena are signs from above demanding repentance from the United States. Following an earthquake in the Northeast, particularly in New Jersey and New York, and an upcoming solar eclipse, Greene warned Americans to take these occurrences seriously as messages from God.

However, her claims have faced skepticism on social media, with users pointing out the regularity of earthquakes and eclipses. This is not the first time Greene's statements have stirred controversy, as she previously made inflammatory remarks about Democrats and former President Trump.

Despite Greene's warnings, many individuals are still planning to observe the solar eclipse, such as those heading to locations like Waco, Texas for a better view. Whether or not one believes in the signs from above, it is important to exercise caution when viewing the eclipse.

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