Suge Knight Praises Kendrick, Shames J. Cole Following Brief Rap Beef

In a surprising turn of events, Suge Knight has expressed his disappointment with J. Cole for surrendering to Kendrick Lamar during the Dreamville Festival. The recording of Suge's reaction from his prison cell was obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, revealing his strong opinions on the matter. Suge emphasized the importance of competition in order to be the best, criticizing Cole for giving up so easily. He drew parallels to historic moments in hip hop, comparing Cole's actions to Diddy's alleged behavior at the 1995 Source Awards.

Meanwhile, Suge praised Kendrick Lamar for representing Compton and West Coast Hip Hop culture, admiring his recent success on the charts. Despite Charlamagne Tha God's criticism towards those upset with Cole's decision, Suge did not hold back, calling Cole out for his quick retreat. It remains to be seen how Suge will address this issue further on his upcoming episode of "Collect Call".

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