WWE Interested In Bringing Jason Kelce Back After WrestleMania Appearance

Philadelphia Eagles legend Jason Kelce may not have retired for good just yet. After his impressive appearance at WrestleMania 40, WWE has expressed interest in welcoming him back with open arms. Kelce and his former teammate, Lane Johnson, stunned fans when they intervened in a tag-team match to help Rey Mysterio and Andrade secure a victory.

Kelce and Johnson's involvement in the match was well received by wrestling fans, leading to speculations about Kelce's future in the ring. With his football career behind him, Kelce now has time to explore new opportunities. WWE has confirmed their interest in working with the All-Pro center again, with many believing Kelce's athleticism and personality make him an ideal fit for the promotion.

While it remains uncertain if Kelce will pursue a full-time wrestling career, the door seems wide open for him at WWE if he decides to take the leap.

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