Hands Off! Justin Bieber's Fiery Response to Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik Locking Lips

Popstar Justin Bieber recently shared his disappointment and frustration after seeing pictures of his former flame, Selena Gomez, and singer Zayn Malik kissing. Bieber's reaction was evident in a comment he made on social media, telling them to "back off." This incident has put the spotlight back on the complicated relationship between Bieber and Gomez.

The photographs that sparked Bieber's reaction showed Gomez and Malik together at a recent party. The images further fueled rumors of a potential romance between the two popstars. Gomez and Malik had previously collaborated on a song together, which led to speculation about their relationship status.

Bieber and Gomez's relationship has been a rollercoaster ride over the years. They were first linked in 2010 but experienced several breakups and reconciliations before finally calling it quits in 2018. Since the split, both artists have moved on, with Bieber marrying model Hailey Baldwin.

Despite the end of their relationship, Bieber and Gomez continue to make headlines due to the lingering feelings they still have for each other. It seems that seeing Gomez with another famous figure like Malik has stirred up feelings of jealousy and possessiveness in Bieber.

Fans of both artists have been quick to notice Bieber's comment and have voiced their opinions on social media.

Some expressed sympathy for the singer, understanding that it must be challenging to see an ex moving on. Others, however, criticized Bieber for being possessive and not allowing Gomez to find happiness with someone else.

The incident has also raised questions about whether Gomez and Malik are genuinely dating or if their interaction was simply a friendly gesture. While the possibility of a romantic relationship cannot be confirmed at this time, it has undeniably caused a stir in the media and among fans.

Bieber's comment reflects the ongoing tension and complicated nature of his relationship with Gomez.


Despite their breakup, the two artists continue to be entwined in each other's lives and the public eye. Gomez has been open about her struggles with mental health and her journey of self-discovery, which has caused fans and media outlets to closely monitor her relationships and personal life.

With Bieber's comment, it is clear that he still carries feelings for Gomez, even though he is now happily married. This incident serves as a reminder that past relationships can leave lasting emotions, particularly when seeing an ex move on to someone else.

While the true nature of Gomez and Malik's relationship remains unclear, this incident has reaffirmed the power and influence that celebrities have on the public and their ability to provoke strong reactions. Fans will undoubtedly continue to follow the developments between Gomez, Malik, and Bieber, hoping for more clarity on the connection between these three popstars.

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