NCIS: Los Angeles Photos: Your First Look at the Series-Ending Wedding !

In an exclusive look at NCIS: Los Angeles' series finale, it has been revealed that Callen and Anna will finally tie the knot. The much-awaited wedding will take place in Part 2 of the double-episode series finale, which will air on May 14 and May 21. According to showrunner R. Scott Gemmill, this wedding is the culmination of an ongoing story where Callen has been contemplating marriage and what it means to him. Callen, who has always been a lone wolf, is now ready to settle down and open up his life to someone.

The wedding of Callen and Anna will also fulfill NCIS: LA fans' third wish for the series finale, which was trailed by Kensi finding out she is pregnant and a final appearance from Linda Hunt's character Hetty. The finale will be divided into two parts. In Part 1, titled "New Beginnings," the NCIS team helps the ATF investigate the theft of military-grade weapons and the search for a missing agent. Meanwhile, Callen and Anna are busy planning their wedding. In Part 2, which will air an hour earlier than usual, the NCIS team continues their investigation with the ATF, and Callen and Anna decide to have an impromptu wedding.

After the series finale, there will be a one-hour Entertainment Tonight special called "A Salute to NCIS: Los Angeles." This special will feature interviews with past and current cast members, as well as behind-the-scenes moments and favorite memories from the past 14 years of the show.

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