Parents Put Up Camera, Catch Cat Calming Dog Who Misses Mom And Dad

A couple adopted a cat named Kelvin, hoping to provide a companion for their dog, Joule, who suffered from separation anxiety. However, they never expected Kelvin to become a superhero. Joule would become extremely anxious whenever her parents prepared to leave for work. In an effort to understand Joule's behavior, the couple set up a hidden camera. They were amazed at what they saw. Kelvin sensed Joule's struggles and decided to help ease her anxiety. He spent the entire workday cuddling with her and providing comfort. This routine continued until Joule became a confident and well-adjusted pup. The bond between Joule and Kelvin grew stronger, and they now constantly snuggle together, even when their parents are home. The family finds immense joy in this unique friendship.

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