Canelo Alvarez Backs Ryan Garcia, 'He's A Good Kid'

Young boxing sensation Ryan Garcia is making waves on social media with his eccentric behavior, but he has a loyal supporter in fellow boxer Canelo Alvarez. In an interview with TMZ Sports, Alvarez expressed his unwavering support for Garcia, describing him as a good kid who deserves understanding and backing during this period.

Garcia has been generating buzz ahead of his upcoming fight against Devin Haney with his outlandish statements and bizarre social media antics. Despite the controversy surrounding Garcia, Alvarez remains steadfast in his support, reassuring fans that the young fighter will come out just fine.

Alvarez emphasized the importance of standing by friends during challenging times, acknowledging the complexities of social media for athletes. As a seasoned champion himself, Alvarez recognizes the difficulties fighters face in navigating the digital landscape and believes in offering his support to Garcia when he needs it most.

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