“It’s Just The Nets”: Skip Bayless Subtly Downplays LeBron James’ 40-Point Night

LeBron James could achieve the extraordinary and still not impress Skip Bayless. Their relationship has always been this way. It's rare for the NBA analyst to give James credit without a subtle insult. Even after his impressive 40-point performance against the Brooklyn Nets, Bayless couldn't resist downplaying it. Despite shooting incredibly well, going 13-17 from the field and 9-10 from beyond the arc, Bayless couldn't help but make a backhanded comment. James' outstanding night wasn't enough for Bayless to let go of his hostility. Regardless of the opponent, James' 40-point game should be recognized.

Bayless even criticized James for not putting up such numbers in front of Ben Simmons, claiming it would have been more impressive. While Bayless' criticisms may have some merit, defending his questionable takes is becoming increasingly difficult. LeBron James continues to make history, surpassing Michael Jordan in most 30-point games in NBA history. As James nears retirement, it's a shame that Bayless may never truly appreciate his impact on the game.

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