Christina Aguilera reveals Leonardo DiCaprio FLIRTED with her at age 19 (Selena Gomez reacts)

Britney Spears revealed that Ben Affleck once made a pass at her when she was just 17 years old. This revelation has reportedly angered Jennifer Lopez, who is currently in a relationship with Ben Affleck. Spears shared this information during a social media post, where she discussed various encounters she had with celebrities when she was younger. It is unclear how Lopez has reacted to this news, but it seems to have caused some tension in her relationship with Affleck. The incident sheds light on the inappropriate behavior that young women in the entertainment industry often face from powerful men. Spears' disclosure has sparked a conversation about the need for accountability and respect in the industry. Lopez's reaction to this revelation may provide insight into how she views the situation and whether it will impact her relationship with Affleck.

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