Lizzo Says She 'Quits,' Blames Lies & Bullying for Step Back

Grammy-winning artist Lizzo shocked fans with a social media post announcing her departure from the spotlight. In a heartfelt message on Instagram, Lizzo expressed her frustration over online trolls and gossip surrounding her appearance, stating that she feels disrespected and unwelcome in the world. The singer, known for hits like "Good as Hell," revealed her desire to make music and spread positivity, but indicated that recent events have taken a toll on her well-being. Lizzo's decision comes amidst legal troubles with former backup dancers and ongoing allegations of creating a hostile work environment. Despite denying these claims, the artist has faced setbacks in court. Fans have flooded Lizzo's post with supportive messages, eagerly awaiting further clarification on her future plans. Stay tuned for updates on Lizzo's next steps in the music industry.

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